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ktmsx 125
15-07-2009, 08:46 AM
Package came yesterday, opened it and it was the ooracing klx frame i ordered. it took them 3 days for them to get it to me, which i thought was good and i was in no rush. when i came to open it, the subframe came out first, i was quite impressed and found it a good idea to have a detatchable one, becuase i am thinking about getting it powdercoated in the future. the frame was out next, i noticed it was quite a bit heavier than my 110fxj frame, but i was very impressed with the build quality and strength and i especially liked this detail near the swingarm area


the forks fitted perfectly and do fit crf50 style bearings, you have to press the cup in, like on mtb headsets.

next i was to put the swingarm on, ooracing has made a very big flaw in the design, i thought my superstomp swingarm was going to slide straight in, but no, the mounts were about 2mm larger on each side and needed to be cut/grinded down. i thought it was going to just be a simple cut to get it fitted. next problem was the 10mm bolt that is suppost to go through the mount was 12mm which i have bought a 12mm pipe with a 10mm inside diameter to fit, so that should sort out the swingarm problem.

the subframe was slightly out of shape, and the mounting holes didnt match up, but with a bit of muscle power it fitted fine.

here are some teaser pics


i will keep updating over time, to give you a good review on a budget klx style frame

just a word of warning, the kit comes with no bolts or instructions, and ooracing seem to know very little about the setup when a rang them

-good build quality
-removable subframe
-cradle frame
-removable engine brackets
-good price (69.99 + 7.99 p&p)

-slightly bad customer service with ooracing
-swingarm problems
-subframe didnt mount up

ktmsx 125
15-07-2009, 10:33 AM
dam, i didnt know that. :banghead: do you know where these little bits that come with it go?


ktmsx 125
15-07-2009, 11:15 AM
and what about the little scacer/reducer thing?

15-07-2009, 04:33 PM
whats there to know:confused: its a frame :p

keep us posted :)