View Full Version : DemonX D-Link Proline z155ho

02-03-2011, 01:33 AM
i've had the bike long enough now so here's a short review of my bike so far.

To start...

bike arrived well packed, had to fit the shock, bars, fork legs and wheels which took less than an hour.

obviously the bikes come in MX trim so first thing was to get the wheels and tyres changed. suspension out of the box is un real, so much travel front and rear and all adjustments make a notice able difference. i dropped the stock fork oil out and replace with 200ml of 20w, just with the new oil they felt a lot firmer- so i matched the rear end and we were good to go. the DNM shock is MASSIVE, again every adjustment made a notice able difference and both ends are super plush.

on the track

the bike is a bit taller and longer than say my old crf50 based SDG bike, although that was a reason i bought the bike- it feels more like a little supermoto than a pit bike in sm trim, proper planted to the track and gives loads of grip on the rear end.

the motor is super torquey, the low down power is awesome although the z155 doesn't rev as high as the old yx160, but thats nothing a change of gearing didn't sort out! with the outer rotor kit the power delivery is super smooth too, totally different to the old snappy yx. cant wait to fit the V2:D

in the pits

the bike is so easy to work on and the finish is really impressive, from the easy access tank right down to the plastics having rubber bungs over all the bolt holes to stop damaging the plastics each time you fit them. the seat is smart and super grippy too.

over all

all in all i'm well happy with the bike, ironed out a few small problem loose bolts with some spring washers, checked out the linkage set up, havent found anything out of place at all. only problem i've had since buying the bike was a faulty oil line banjo giving up- other than that the bike has been spot on.

big thanks to dan at mini-mx :thumbs: