View Full Version : WPB Boyo 2 Review

16-02-2012, 10:01 PM
For a bit of fun a great price this is a quality bike. Defiantly take this over the boyo 1, the forks are so much nicer and i believe worth the 50 extra. Its pretty rapid for a standard 110 too, however this is only compared to my old 110 which was a pile of ****e.

The company Welsh Pit Bikes where on the whole rather good too. Delivery was fast and communication was average. Like many people when i received the bike in the crate it was damaged slightly (scratch on forks and buckled wheel), however i took photos and sent them to WPB and the offered me a credit value of 16. I think that was fair for the slight damage and was a nice touch (however I an yet to receive my replacement parts, been a week and a bit now).


Easy to build
Pretty fast for a 110cc
Nice forks (although slightly soft!)
Good price


VERY poor quality screws and bolts. already rounded some off with no fault of my own.
feels cheap in places
Came with a buckled wheel and scratch on forks
Communication on WBP's behalf was slightly lacking (no receipt ect..)


get this bike for fun, not if you already have experience with bikes and want a fast bike. nice price but you can tell where the corners have been cut. WPB were average dealers don't be a afraid to buy from them.