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28-08-2006, 09:41 AM
Review on the SHINERAY XYGY125 VII


I first looked at this bike for a bit of fun on the road, but it is very practical to get to and from work on and very good for the money.¯


125cc 4 Stroke
Overall length 145cm
Overall width 79cm
Overall height 104cm
Wheelbase 102cm
Dry weight 72kg
Tank capacity: 3.02L
Front Brakes: Disc
Rear Brakes: Disc
Speed: >55mph (I clocked 51MPH and I am 11.5 stone)
Starter: Electric & Kick
Digital Speedo


I bought this pit bike because I liked the idea of being able to ride it on the road and be different to all the other 125's out there. I am very pleased with my decision, it may be my best purchase yet. I have written this review to show the good and bad points about this stunning little bike.


I bought this bike off eBay seller americanroubles¯ for £510 delivered in June and got it registered soon after with the DVLA for an additional cost of £15 road tax and £38 first registration fee. At first I was worried how easy it was going to be to register it with the DVLA because I had never done anything like that before, but it was a piece of cake, I just sent off all the paper work which came with the bike along with a insurance/cover note to the DVLA and waited 7 days. 7 days later I was issued with a registration plate number and tax disc, and the bike was ready to go on the road.


The first ride I went on it was just around some quiet roads to see how the bike handled .ect, I was amazed how it handled and how easy it was to steer, I was also very surprised about the acceleration and how fast it went as well as the amazing roaring sound screaming down the road. I also went off road to see how it handled with the road tyres, all I can say about that is that I would advice you not to go off road with the road tyres.

The bike can pull from stopped in 1st 2nd and 3rd gears which I was surprised at. The only problem I have found with the gears are that you have to change up quite quickly because each gear doesn't have that much range.



Looks - 9/10

Power - 9/10 (pulls like a train)

Sound - 10/10

Price - 10/10

Handling On Road - 9/10

Handling Off-Road 2/10 (with slicks on)

Assembly - 7/10

Overall - 9/10


Looks nice
Good value for money
Good quality parts for a Chinese bike
Nice sound
Very good acceleration
Fuel efficient


Short gear range (have to change up quickly)
No fuel gauge
No petrol locking cap (petrol can be stolen)
Rear shock
Standard oil
Standard spark plug (change it to NGK)
Battery (doesn't last long if left)
Hard to get into the neutral gear

Overall a good bike for the money, very hard to damage, even if you do parts cost as much as peanuts.