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Zooka KLX????

hi guys... new to this stuff...
not sure what the differences are in our market, but in South Africa, our guys bring in the Big boy scooters range. Now what i want to ask. they have a 150cc klx pitbike thats just come out. What will the difference in kw be from a 125cc-150cc? is it a considerable difference? the question i posed to the sales guy, was what if you take one of the top of the range 125cc puzzeys or something pretty good, and compare it to the 150cc. will it still be faster (the 150), or is the tuning of the top of the range 125's engines putting out more kw? he reccons it wheelies when you change gears its got so much power? us south africans like to exaggerate i think. what do you guys think the engine performance will be like?
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Re: Zooka KLX????

i don't no exact power outputs, check out the stomp website i think its all on there. i do know those yx150 wheelie in most gears though, my 140 does- they sound like monsters too!
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