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MASAI db125h  road legal pit bike
MASAI db125h road legal pit bike
Review on a MASAI db125h
Published by jameskeady
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Talking MASAI db125h road legal pit bike

MASAI db125h

cheap and a good engine 124cc oil cooled top speed 55mph as standerd light weght and sticky tyres

ok i payed 500 for mine a 58 plate with 94 miles a big bike for a pit bike first thing i noticed the spokes where loose

the eingine-124cc oil cooled honda copy about 9 bhp four stroke nice gear box 1st gear to 12mph 2nd gear 22mph 3rd 36mph and 4th 55mph also its a kick in gear engine nice big oil cooler it stars in cold weather it was -3 and it still started 1 problem with the cooler the oli was not getting warm so not as fast in cold be good for south nt as good for north england exhaust is huge and restricted same with the air filted the mods i have done is a big bore exhaust and a race cdi box wich helps acselration and can hold a wheely up for ages and a k&n air filter wich makes it breath better im planning on putting a 17 tooth front sproket for a grater top speed.

the frame is i think a sdg type but not sure all black light weght frame

the plastics are the same as a klx110 rm65 kx65 so easy to replace the graphix on the bike a good qualty but sobe or monster would be better lights are super and the indercators are tiny but at night if you use the lights and indercate the lights flash and i alwaysed used to kick the rear inercaor off whe getting off the bikeso easy to remove the rear light is a led type and is small

speedo is a digi type with a trip a clock and lights up a cool blue

the suspention is ok the rear is like a pogo stick and needs replasing the front is liveable but thats it

securty it has a key ans a steering lock thats is also the petrol cap can be stolen easy best to get a bike cover and a huge lock

the eletrics are ok but need to be taped up to stop comming lose

verdict it is a good bike looks and rides better that the shineray and fym also at 699.99 brand new its a bargin i give it 8 out of 10 just needs a few mods
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