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DemonX DXR140 Review
DemonX DXR140 Review
Review on the DXR140
Published by bilsta
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Hi, everyone, just got my Demon DXR 140 and james told me to do a review so i thought i should.

I ordered it on Sunday after noon from www.pit-bike-world.co.uk who sent it by TNT 24h delivery which was extremely good of them and it arrived wednesday morning, and they kept me upto date with me on what was happening. I have only put it together and run it round my close


Value for money: 449 including an aftermarket exhaust which i got half price!

Looks: looks kick ass, with my monster energy graphics and the exhaust!

Gearing: The gear lever isnt the biggest and i have ordered a bigger one because i have to get chuncky motocross boots in. But neutral is soo easy to find unlike on motocross bikes.

Speed: As i said havnt take it far, but the front wheel pops up so easy and you can get some good speed out of just first gear!

Easyness to assemble: 8/10 even me and my sister put it together!

Rating: 9/10 all was good just a few parts i would change!

Conclusion: Very good bike for the money, track worthy, easy to assemble, would reccomend buying a new exhaust, standard is sooooo load.

Took it out down the forest for around half an hour and loved it! First gear was very nippy, could pull wheelies quite easily. A very powerful bike in my opinion, would recommend it for beginners, as said because it is fast and not a very good starter bike, maybe a 110 is good?

I got into top gear easily and scared the **** out of me lol, felt alot faster than my yz125, but i suppose its because it is so colse to the floor, but i reckon you could get 55MPH out of it easy. As for the suspension, didnt get to test that out because havnt jumped it, but was a smooth ride.

Will be another update when i go down to Rushmere MX track against my mate on his cr80!

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