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road legal dirtbike
road legal dirtbike
Published by deanash1993
road legal dirtbike

hey, does anybody have any idea how to make a dirtbike or pitbike road worthy. what do I need to do and what parts do I need.
thanks Dean
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By pitdogrider on 12-06-2017, 08:35 PM
Just buy one already done, much easier, cheaper and less headache.
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By deanash1993 on 12-06-2017, 10:15 PM
Re: road legal dirtbike

thats true but want like a decent pit bike or 125 motorcross like a kx or cr.
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By Bonio79 on 13-07-2017, 09:46 PM
Hi I priced it up , u need a bike with a seat height of 900mm
And a ground clearance of 300mm the only bike that fits the bill is a welsh pit bike race 125 if u wanna ride it on a cbt or lucky Mx rfz , they have the crf110 style frame which is the biggest and u gotta get the 17" 14 " big wheels to suit , so if u go for the wpb race 125 it's 700 plus 100 for the road legal big wheel and tyre set from db racing then the lighting kit from db racing 170 then you need a 12v stator for the lights and a rectifier , not sure how much they are but add at least 50 then u need a to ring Dvla order a v55/4 form to Reg a new bike and get your plate but u need the certification of newness which u can only get from wpb and reg it as enduro exempt on the v55 otherwise u have to get a nova inspection which it won't pass, then u gotta get it insured I recommend bike sure for road legal pitbikes there by far the cheapest and most others won't do it anyway , it's a lot of ducking about and at the end of it you save about 150 doing it yourself , best way is buy a Kurz rt1 125cc from db racing pay the extra 70 it comes reg then you just go to a reg plate maker get one made up with your v5c costs about a tenner buy your insurance from bike sure mine costs me 300 fully comp pay the 17 road tax and be ragging it across fields and roads that day .
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By Renaulttom on 14-07-2017, 06:56 PM
Re: road legal dirtbike

If you only have a provisional I'm not to sure if you can have a 125cc kx cr rm yz
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By pitdogrider on 14-07-2017, 07:28 PM
Re: road legal dirtbike

Legally no you can't have a standard KX125 on the road on a CBT. CBT allows a 17yr old and above to ride a bike upto 125cc with a maximuim power output of 11kw.
KX125 has around 33hp (24kw), year dependant. Meaning to legally ride one it would have to be restricted and a certificate provided from a reputable garage but if you wanted to just buy one already registered there'd be nothing stopping you taxing and insuring it and dealing with the consiquences when something happens.... and that's if you get to use it much in between its monthly top end rebuilds and quarterly bottom end rebuilds. It's a great idea but there's loads of downsides.
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By Bonio79 on 14-07-2017, 07:50 PM
Re: road legal dirtbike

Just buy a Honda crf125 fb there only 2000 brand new and put the lighting kit on it from db racing the kick start version is 150 + reg it with Dvla on a v55/4 as an enduro costs 55 , mot 30 , tax 17 and cbt is 95 for mine and a speedo is a legal requirement so I use a waterproof handle bar mount iPhone case and a speedo app it's accurate coz it's gps it works for me .
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