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Bike: Putoline stomp
Spark plug thread repair and no spark

Hi ppl,if your reading this then your wondering if your spark plug thread is gone and it can't be repaired.
I bought a putoline stomp for my son with no spark very cheap the previous owner must have had some amount of problems with the electrics but taking the spark plug in and out to check for spark managed to strip the threads all you need to buy is a m10 helicoil thread repair kit from eBay(11)and tap it out(which means screw the thread cutter)like your screwing in a bolt (put grease on the tap to collect any debris from the thread your cutting falling into the head) might need someone with a little mechanical know how and strength when into final tap out make sure though it's going in straight all the time once new thread is made I kicked the bike a good few time any debris that might have fallen into the cylinder head would come out of the spark plug hole
Take 1 helicoil(looks like a spring)fit it into the tool they provide with the kit put it into new thread and screw it in until the straight end snaps off kick the bike a few times again just in case any cuttings fall into the head then replace spark plug which does take some pressure until it Rams home in the casing sounds technical but it took longer to write this post than it actually took to repair the thread!!
Onto the electric fault with no spark instead of wondering it could be this or that went for a new start stop,cdi,wiring loom,I had a mountain bike crank removal tool that fit the magneto fly wheel so didn't need to buy a flywheel removal tool but advisable and a new stator plate(wished I'd bough 2 new screws as well for the stator plate as I knackd them by rounding them with a size 3 Philips screwdriver)I hit them with a large flat head screw driver enough to shock them and unscrew easily
the wires are all colour coded to the new parts really you can't go wrong if you switch one old to one new before ripping off all the old loom,coil,start/stop&cdi
I think with total repair including new clutch lever and clutch cable total spent around 50 now got great going bike for 300 very tidy & clean too next project is to get it road legal
Wish the parts were as cheap as this for my gas gas 250 though I'm thinking of getting myself one lol
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