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How to replace a clutch on a lifan 140
How to replace a clutch on a lifan 140
originaly done by Kingers, redone for pitbikeclub
Published by evilsmudge
How to replace a clutch on a lifan 140

This is how to put the clutch back on To remove make sure to drain the oil then do the reverse of what has just been written.
Ok well this is what you have left once the clutch and the oil slinger has been removed. The rod on the right is the crank, those two gears on the end just slide off. In the middle is the drive for the gear and the one on the end is the kick start gear. Do not try to pull the kick start rod out because the rod is on a spring and itís a pain to have to get it back in again so it springs back. To remove the kick start gears its just a matter of removing the clip that sits in front of the gear

This slides over the top of the gear shaft
The side with the splines slides into the end of the outer clutch basket like so.
Then its just a matter of sliding it on or off if you want to remove it. Make sure it sits all the way back, you might need to slightly turn it so that it meshes with the other gears and slides back on.

Ok what we have here is a lock washer and a three pronged washer that holds the clutch basket on, to get it on its basically the same as the front sprocket of the bike slide it on the shaft the once it reaches the grove rotate it slightly so it locks in and wont come off, then slide the three pronged washer on so that it locks the other washer in place, Pronged side towards the motor
This is what it looks like, to remove it take the three pronged washer out then slightly rotate the other then slide it off.
Ok now we have the inner basket and friction plates and plates. If you are changing plates or make sure the order of the plates starts with a friction plate and ends with a friction plate. So it goes friction plate, steel plate, friction plate etc.
Place the friction plates and plates onto one half of the inner basket

Then place the other piece inside the plates and rotate the plates so all the notches line up and let the two halves come together like this
Then its just a matter of sliding the inner basket inside of the outer basket
Ok well here we have a washer and a lock nut. The washer goes on first then the the lock nut goes onto the shaft. To either undo this or do it up there is a special too you could buy but at your own risk its just as easy to use a big flat screw driver and a hammer to do it up
(Locktite, a clutch holding tool, a torque wrench & a clutch nut/oil spinner tool kinda guarantees it wont come off during running)
Now place the springs on

Then place the pressure plate on and do up the bolts to hold it all together

Ok well thatís the clutch all done but now the oil slinger needs to be put back on, to get the clutch off you will need to remove the oil slinger

Front view, there is anther lock nut and washer with this

Side view

Place the oil slinger on to the end of the crank,

There are splines on the end of the crank that this slides onto and then place the washer then the lock nut on and do them up, same way as the clutch was done with a hammer and a screw driver. It may also help to click the bike into gear so it doesnít move when trying to do it up.

Then place the front cover on the oil slinger. You will need a impact driver to do the screws up.

Impact driver and a hammer best option to do the screws up with
To remove slinger just reverse what was done, also make sure the impact drive is set to undo the screws
On the kick start rod there should be a washer there that will slide half way up the rod BEFORE placing the case back on
Then place the case back on and so up the bolts, making sure the correct bolts are in the correct holes, it is also a good time to connect up the clutch cable back to the the puller at the top of the case.
I found to make it easier to get the bolt down the bottom out to wedge a screwdriver under the brake to hold it out of the way
Then place the kick start back on.

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By Tittan1500 on 27-09-2017, 03:23 PM
Re: How to replace a clutch on a lifan 140

Good write up, This video covers the same thing but may add some more visual reference for anyone who is replacing the clutch

Last edited by Tittan1500; 27-09-2017 at 03:24 PM..
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