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Buyers Guide To Budget Chinese Minibikes
Buyers Guide To Budget Chinese Minibikes
Budget Chinese Minibikes
Published by Lewis_#101
Post Buyers Guide To Budget Chinese Minibikes

A Guide to All known Chink Bikes

Ok so I fell I need to write this guide as there are so many questions for these bikes. Here are a few pointers to buying one

â?¢ Donâ??t be fooled by â??massive x amount of horse power all these bike will put out around 6 hp no more
â?¢ â??Adjustable upside down forksâ? seeing as even marzooci 32mm arenâ??t adjustable I doubt a bike for under ?£500 has them
â?¢ â??alloyâ? you will hear this a lot although aluminium is great the type they use are low quality, wrongly welded or just to thin

Type 1: New BBR type bikes

It seems that these bikes are ok if youâ??re the â??field hacker typeâ? but if you are serious and intend to go on a track itâ??s not really worth it although if youâ??re just out for a Sunday ride, go for it but be ready when you start to go faster have to upgrade.

Type 2: Mad Bikes

Just look at them in my opinion avoid at all costs Iâ??ve seen their bikes in person and I was astounded how low quality and how expensive they are to be honest stay away.
They will break as soon as you hit a bump look at the klx copy it already looks bent and at ?£400-?£500+ I would rather ride something else but all to their own I guess.
Claimed spec:
â?¢ Front & rear hydraulic disc brakes
â?¢ Wavy, vented front & rear disc
â?¢ Upside down front forks!
â?¢ Larger wheels 14" front 12" rear
â?¢ up risers & higher handle bars
â?¢ Manual 4 speed gear box
â?¢ Powerful 125cc,4 Stroke engine
â?¢ Massive 9bhp
â?¢ Alloy handlebars
â?¢ Alloy swing arm
â?¢ Alloy pegs
â?¢ Alloy brake reservoirs
â?¢ Anodized colored wheels

Type 3: Pit-bull Minix

Available from the famous http://www.westbankimports.com

Specification includes: Aluminum Frame and Swing Arm, Semi Adjustable Inverted Forks, Aluminum BMX Bars, 10" Wheels with Anodized Alloy Rims, CRF Style Plastics Billet Hubs fitted with Wave Rotors, Front & Rear Disc Brakes, Chromed Alloy Gas Cap including pipe and Breather Valve, Grip Seat, Aluminum skid plate.

To the un trained eye look a very good bike and I must say myself they look ok for a mess about, but one thing I can say these Chinese donâ??t make very strong ally parts and struggle to make working suspension as you can see the shock on this is going to be very bouncy with no rebound or compression at all, were as the forks are based on the popular x rosins which Iâ??m told are very good most of the time but are now quite rare, and at least they had the sense to put a single pot calliper on the back which although will still lock up every time you touch it is better than the twin pot. This bike is again idle for the â??fun riderâ? but on a track will survive but for how long?one advantage I will say is at least west bank sell aftermarket parts so when I all goes wrong there are backups.

Type 4: white knuckle 125cc pit bike

From the makers of ram quads etc, now I havenâ??t seen one in the real minibike seen expect a prototype and I used to be semi sponsored by these guys on a quad and most of their stuff is pretty safe although one thing I did notice that it had a 2 pot calliper on the rear and a cheap looking shock and felt rubbish, although the bike does look smart


Conclusion:so out of these lot it seems that the pitbull or white knuckle seem the best of the worst but more bike are need to make this fair which i will add as soon as i get some feed back so add me on msn to review your bike
I will try to update it asap.

more will be added soon
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By Lewis_#101 on 24-06-2006, 02:16 PM
atomic 120 (cost ?£300-?£350 off fleabay)
good points:-
suspesnion is spot on for the price you pay, holds its line on gravel/mud well and its also partial to the odd jump
get braided brake lines as standard which are pretty decent
pretty strong motor for a 120, more torquey than outright power though
12 inch front wheel, much prefer the riding position to running 10's all round
high seat, good for tall feckers like me
alloy swingarm which looks and feels pretty sturdy, only time will tell though

bad points:-
the wheels are shocking quality
weighs a lot for a pit bike
gear box is shoddy, likes the occasional gear jump
frame is partial to rusting if you dont keep it greased up

rampage pit bike 125cc (cost ?£300 from poweroffroad)

good points:-
will not die. its been jumped, ragged about sensless and even had a head on collision with a tree.
as opposed to the atomic it seems to lack inital low down torque but overall has a higher bhp output as it pulls itslef to redline in 4th alot easier than the atomic even with 17/37 gearing on it.
although the quality of metals used looks poor its held up pretty well so far, even with my 15 stone ass on it.

bad points:
clutch springs are appauling and need changing fairly soon
the haedstock bearings are also poor and theres some play, also makes a nice knocking noise when you break hard
suspension is the worst, the engine slam panel and pegs touch down when landing jumps.

Along with the aboves points both bikes along with all budget bikes id imagine suffer with these:
throttle cable is made of string. get a QA throttle fitted asap
chains are like cheese string, as above get a new 1 fitted asap
tyres are made of plastic, you should be getting the jist now replace asap
brake pads turn to dust after 5 minutes
the air filters will fall apart as they as they see a bit of wet
the gear shifters and brake lever will bend alot after 1 crash
By Lewis_#101 on 24-06-2006, 02:19 PM

The moto-x 110/125

This bike goes under several names etc, ive seen it with red baron graphics, i judge by the forks, wheels, rear shock frame and engine being of a near enuff exact design

overall a cheap quality bike for what it is, the 1st gear is good unlike my dream 110 which was too undergeared. the brakes are sharp front and back. and the suspention functions ok.

the bad points, the throttle cable snapped after 2 weeks, but i changed it to a honda crf125/250 high quality cable. after an hours use i changed the oil (all chinky oil is shyte) tyres for mitchelin starcross as the old ones were plain crap. also i took the chain to the mx shop and the guy lined them up and mine had already stretched by 1 link

also the back wheel spokes all came loose and left a dodgy ride but i managed to sort them after tightening them all up with pliers, also the engine mount bolt came loose so i locktited that and refitted it.

the other thing is the seat has a cheapy feel to it and develops an ass groove after 10 mins or so also the forks are getting a bit of play in them now

(when you put it this way it sounds like a piece of )

overall for ?£280 if your technically minded and are not intending to do triple back flips through hoops of fire then this is the bike for you
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