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How to make your pit bike Road Legal
How to make your pit bike Road Legal
A small guide about turning your ride legit for the road
Published by spexx
Post How to make your pit bike Road Legal

This article is to help anyone wanting to make their Pit bike fully road legal. I have had 12 pm's in 3 days about how I done mine without spending a fortune.
1st things 1st, lets see our options
Buy a brand new road pit bike sets you back 650 - 3000 (ebay).
Buying a pre-owned road registered pit sets you back 300 - 1000
Creating a road pit depends on where you shop. (ebay being cheapest)

If you have or buying a brand new pit bike, now is the best time to get a proof of Tax/Vat duty paid. This is proved by a certificate of newness in simple terms. This is provided by the manufacturer/importer or dealer off were you got the bike from. Better to get this ASAP as the longer you wait the harder it is to get this much needed document. Might be charged a small fee.
With this document you can then arrange your bike to go through an M.O.T on steroids from the DVLA called an MSVA (Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval) test. This will cost you 85 or 109 on a weekend or holiday period.
For an easier registration without a MSVA test you are better off turning it into Enduro or trial specification. Dvla will accept your pit bike as one of these if:

Trials motorcycles shall have the following characteristics:
  • maximum seat height of 700mm;
  • minimum ground clearance of 280mm; and
  • maximum fuel tank capacity of 4 litres
Enduro motorcycles shall have the following characteristics:

  • minimum seat height of 900mm; and
  • minimum ground clearance of 310mm.
You adjust your height and ground clearance by bigger/smaller wheels, adjusting your rear shock etc.

Another method of getting on the road (I think its the easiest) is buying an allready registered frame with logbook in the sellers name!
This is the method I used as after you get your frame its a matter of putting your parts from your bike onto the frame .

After you've sorted your bike on your frame , you simply need need Insurance 1st, then M.O.T then Tax.
For you to pass an M.O.T with your pit dirt bike, you will need to convert it basically to a supermoto.
At bare minimum requirements you just need road legal tyres not supermoto racing slicks or field nobblies. Road tyres only with an E mark prefered. Also need :
rear reflector,
9x7 rear number plate,
Speedometer (search for a bicycle speedo for cheap option)
horn. (Search for megahorn on ebay or halfords for a cheap one)
This will get you through the M.O.T with advisories of no lights fitted at time of test known as the urban legend "Daytime M.O.T"
If you want lights you'll have to go the full works, you cannot just have 1 light. The M.O.T man will tell you its all lights or non at all. At bare minimum you will need a working tail/brake light and headlight with high/low beam. Indicators not required on bikes as you got hand signals.

You might find it a good idea to get a 5/6 wire stator as then you can run your lights straight off your engine with no heavy battery needed. You will need a regulator for this to turn the power into the required 12v to run lights or accessories. Without battery the lights will dim during low revs like on the video of my brake/tail light below

Speedo and reflector cost under 8 for both (gotta love ebay)

9x7 road legal Registration plate must be on a strong bracket bolted/connected on to the bike's frame

If going for lights make sure you have a number plate light too and high/low beam switch for headlight plus brake light switch to atleast the back pedal brake at minimum. Some M.O.T stations might say you need both brakes to work the brake light some will just let you off.

Soon you could be fully throttling your pit bike on the road and Pc plod cant say nothing to you.

So just to re-cap
Making any bike legal, upto125cc for my licence.
1. you will need a VIN tage underneith your moto, permanently attached, and must display,
* maunfucature name
* engine size
* Catergory A (for bikes)
* The amount of drive sprocket teeth your bike has
* date of manufacture
* seriel number (16 or 17 digits long)

2. 3. a speedo that reads you speeds in MPH, not KMH
4. front headlights, and rear brake lights. or non at all
5. indicators are not essential, as you can hand signal, but if you have indicators, they need to be each side and more than 18cm apart from eachother.
7. number plate space on the rear, with a permanently fixed bracket, (this can be home made, aslong as its permanent and strong)
8. white light illuminating the number plate
10. exhaust must have manufactures name or mark of aproval engraved into it or ebay BSAU tag
11. road legal tires with max weight and BS number clearly printed on the side. (essential with any motor vehicle)
12. security, a bike lock will do fine.
13. a place for tax disk holder to be permanently bolted, and must be clearly visible on the left hand side

follow these steps and you can make any size motorbike or quad legal for on-road use.

I will update in more detail soon as right now its 6am after a sleepless night and i think i posted this twice
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By Rob9688 on 02-08-2015, 04:21 PM
Re: How to make your pit bike Road Legal

how much to do this your self roughly ?
Im wondering if buying one already registered would be worth the price difference just to save the hassle.
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